We are Polyshape

Polyshape is a service bureu in Huskvarna that focuses on 3D printing, vacuum casting, and short-series production. The business is run by Nicklas Ingvarsson and David Johansson, who have many years of experience in the industry.

With a combination of solid industry knowledge and technical know-how, we create unique solutions.

Over 50 years of experience

Polyshape was founded in 2020, but David and Nicklas are not newcomers to the industry. They’ve been doing this throughout their professional lives. After working as employees, they grabbed their chance and started Preshape in 2014, which they then sold four years later. But the drive to run their own business and to be part of something bigger attracted them to return to being their own bosses.

David is a modest guy who takes his work very seriously. He’s an ace at remembering people and has an extensive network of contacts. David isn’t afraid to test something new and likes to challenge himself. He is straightforward and clear; qualities that are widely appreciated. This makes David a given leader at Polyshape.

Nicklas has solid technical expertise in many different areas, which comes in handy in his role of business manager at Polyshape. He’s driven, committed, and capable of thinking outside the box.

No two days are the same

Switching between several different technologies means that the job has a rewarding gamut. Meetings with customers in many different business areas ensure that there’s never a dull moment. The fun thing is that no two parts are ever the same. Each customer has different requirements and different challenges to solve.

One person wants something printed super fast, while another might want a top-quality finish, with nicely lacquered surfaces and a logo on their product.  The fact that we actually make a difference to development companies is inspiring.

“We’re always ready to take on a challenge to develop. At Polyshape, we’re committed collaborators. We’re here to help you”

Why Polyshape?

The word “poly” is part of the word “polymer”, which means plastic. But “poly” also means “many” or “more”. And we offer several technologies such as SLA, SLS, PUR, and finishing. “Poly” therefore felt very fitting. We also wanted a name that reminds everyone of our previous company, Preshape. 

The diamond in our logo symbolises the solid and the noble, which evoke quality. Which is exactly what we constantly strive for in our daily work.

High up on the mountain

The yellow-painted workshop front accommodates about 400 square meters of workspace, overlooking the entire Vätterbygden area. This is our “basecamp”.

This is where our knowledge and professionalism guide you, as a customer. Come and visit us. The coffee’s on us.