Do you want your model to look and feel like a real product? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Adapted to your wishes

We use SLA or SLS which is 3D-printed on our machines. Our skilled model makers sand and fill the surface to the customer’s desired level. Then the model is lacquered in the right colour. 

Do you want two or more colours on your model? 

“No problem, we mask and apply a second lacquer”

Endless possibilities

We normally use NCS or RAL colour codes. We mix the colour ourselves in our mixing rack.  If you want a structured surface, we use the VDI or Mold-Tech standards. We also have the capacity to apply metallic or chrome lacquer if desired. We can also offer you EMC lacquers.

We can apply logos or stickers to the finished product as you wish. All we need from you is an eps/pdf file of what you want on your model. 

We also have the possibility of putting threaded inserts into your models to obtain longer-lasting threads.