With our simple and quickly made moulds, you can have a small number of parts produced within a week. Silicone has good chemical resistance and very good temperature resistance.

Silicone parts have many areas of application

Silicone parts have many areas of application

Silicon parts have many areas of applications, such as keypads, kitchen products like baking moulds or brushes, medical products – you name it.
At Polyshape, we manufacture silicone parts for the food, construction, and car industries. 

The main benefits of silicone are, among other things, its chemical resistance and that it can withstand both cold and heat.

Shot weight: 1-500 gm

Normal delivery time: 2-5 days

Minimum wall thickness: 0.4 mm

Hardness from shore: 4A to 60A

Pros and areas of application


  • Good chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Tough

Areas of application

  • Prototypes
  • Low volume
  • Functional tests